help, need protection

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help, need protection
Post # 1
my neighbor has been harassing me on any/all levels, she's done black magic on me and my family. looking for any help with spells or herbs for protection or any info that may lead to help. she has been harassing me for ten years now, I don't know when the black magic started but I cant endure it anymore. its not only one lady its a two families, they are blood relatives who have focused their attacks on me and my family. any info anything will be greatly appreciated, as well as the time taken to respond it is much appreciated.
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Re: help, need protection
Post # 2
my friend there are a lot of things that you can do but i will give you a simple way to deal with your problem. . .
first go and talk to them. find out what the problem is. it may be able to be resolved with ought the use of magyk. then if it keeps up sanctify your house with sea salt. you can do this inside or outside it does not matter. sweep every room in your house east to west while focusing good positive energy into them. find yourself several pieces of clear quartz crystal charge them in the sun for a while then focus positive energy into them. then place one in every room of your house or have your family members carry them.
i hope that this is helpful to you my friend blessings to you
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Re: help, need protection
Post # 3
thank you friend, unfortunately it is not something that can be fixed with talking, this lady is filled with rage and hatred. I will try what you have suggested, thank you again for your time and input it is much appreciated
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Re: help, need protection
Post # 4
Here's a simple working spell.

Say outloud:
"I need to end a war
I need to end a war
I need to end a war"
Then say: "the war between my neighbors from [state their address] and my family."
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Re: help, need protection
Post # 5
thank you for the help. I am very much grateful. oh today I had to file a report with the police because their dogs are always loose and attacking my black kitty cats and my dogs as well. well they got two hefty fines, then the young man proceeded to threaten us that the police officer told me and my younger brother to go inside our home and to ignore the young man, we did that. we were watching a motogp race online when my brother gets a text that this young guy was taking mad trash on facebook, his aunt even got involved, making hurtful and racist comments. I will try the end the war one as well, thank you. like I said much appreciated. you guys have given me some comfort and release in these over the top problems. sorry to pour my heart out, ive been holding a lot of pain dealt by these ppl that spans over 10 years.
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