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needing advice
Post # 1
I need some advice on what to do. My daughter was in Student Council her freshman & sophomore yrs. The problem is the "advisor" that took over last yr.(soph yr) doesn't have a clue. The previous advisor had the position for 12 yrs, but the principle gave it to this other person & none of the students like her & 30-35 parents went to the principle to get the old advisor back, but she said no. So I want a spell to get the new advisor out & old advisor back. My daughter isn't in student council this fall (her junior yr) eventho she won the vote for vice pres, the new advisor doesn't like her & claims she didn't win & refuses to let her in, eventho there is space as "cool kid" which don't get to vote, but are involved. My daughter pours her heart & soul into the school & this new advisor has done everything she can to devastate my daughter, who is an honor student & now doesn't care about school because of this advisor. This may sound trivial, but it's not just about my daughter, the old advisor is devastated & wants to be the advisor again. The new advisor has a drinking problem, lies & used to be the advisor for cheerleaders, until she walked out on them. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: needing advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
As I am English,this sounds like the American education system.
So, two questions. What does an "advisor" advise about? And why should a student take any notice of an "advisor"?
All my children (7) were "advised" against their chosen profession.All have done very well in the professions they were "advised" against.
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Re: needing advice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

So, have you gone to the principal about this problem? That should be the first step. Talking to the school about the problems your daughter is experiencing, what you know for fact about the advisor's drinking problem, etc. This isn't a case for which you should reach for magic first without also doing the mundane work to get what you feel you need.

Secondly, do you have any experience at all in casting spells? Truly it is much more complicated than simply chanting some words or burning a candle or two. If you don't understand magic and how it works it's unlikely any spell you cast will actually work.

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Re: needing advice
Post # 4

I agree with Miss Lark. Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies. Talk to Principal or to someone superior to that advisor. Might be a Moderator or the Principal her/himself. Bring the issue to them to tackle and discuss. :) I guess they can resolve it without any use of magik. :)
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Re: needing advice
Post # 5
Yes, I have gone to the principle, and so did about 30 other parents (all together when the principle made this switch) She (the principle) knows, her son used to date this advisor & she even said her son broke up with her because she didn't have any moral values. I'm sure that was a slip & didn't mean to say it, but we feel this advisor has something she's holding over the principle. All everyone wants is this new advisor to go away & the old advisor to get her position back. There is so so much more to this. We all just think it would be best for the newby to get another job elsewhere.

Also, yes, I do have experience in spell casting. I know there is more than just lighting a candle & saying some words. I just am not sure how to go about this. I don't want to cause her any harm, just maybe get a better position somewhere else? But then we need to get the old advisor back as the student council was her pride & joy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated & welcome. Thank you
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