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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Methods?

Post # 1
I was just reading through the fortune telling forum and noticed that some people need information such as time of birth and whatnot. I don't use this, I use the emotions of the person instead. I was wondering what different kind of "methods" (if that's even the correct term for it) does everyone use? Also, what are some benefits of using your method?
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Re: Methods?
Post # 2
i just think of the person and then i got the results regardless of their birth or anything personal about them
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Re: Methods?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I also had seen those and sometimes feel confused as well (lol). I understand why people will want people birth date for numerology or their zodiac sign since I seen people use it when doing readings.

I don't use any methods. I only ask for people gender cause I don't want to call my querent he when it is a she.

I think people use those methods cause it works best for them or that is what they were taught.
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Re: Methods?
Post # 4
Everyone has their own method that they use because some are easier to use or they're just better at it. I do tarot readings and since I have a strong sixth sense and feeling for emotion it's easier and best if I use the method of emotions. I analyze the things my card is telling me and make the best I can depending what I know. It's not really that wise to use my strategy because it's not always going to be accurate, but when it is it's really strong because of the analyzation.

Hope that helps~
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Re: Methods?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
if they are sitting across from me i ask them to shuffle the deck and cut it while focusing on their question. [they can't tell me until after because i don't want to cloud my reading] then i draw the spread using the cards that 'call to me from each stack.

if its an online reading, i ask for their question, then i repeat the question using their username like 'will randomuser123 travel' or 'does jane doe like randomuser123.'

i guess i could shuffle the deck myself every time, but i feel they charge the cards better since its their question.
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