Burning Candles

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Burning Candles
Post # 1
I have three candles burning, two green (one for money and one for road opener) and one white (to intensify both greens)All three are 7 day candles. I am saying the 23rd psalms over them. Are there other ways that are successful to burning these candles? My intent is to open my road to success,in business, with auditions, Agents, Casting Directors, nothing but favor in the Television/ Film industry this fall. All comments are welcome

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Re: Burning Candles
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

You could write out your desires/intent on a piece of paper, and then placing it under the candles. Or burn the paper and then scatter the ashes around the candles.

If you haven't already, you could Dress the candles.Dressing a candle is done to remove the pre-existing energies and replace them with new energies aimed toward the purpose of your spell/working. The two main ways to dress a candle are to either attract or repel certain energies, using water or oils. If you want to attract something to yourself, rub oil from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle of the candle. If you want to repel, rub oil from the middle to the top, and then from the middle to the bottom. While doing this, focus on the desired outcome of the working, energizing the wax with your energy & intent. For your situation I would recommend dressing the candle to attract the success, auditions, etc.

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Re: Burning Candles
Post # 3
Yes, and that's what exactly I did. I written out a intent spell under neath my candle, which by the way, all three are in a 7 day glass candle holder, they came that way. I was told one way to dress the candle since, I can't take the candle from the glass holders, was to make a triangle at top, around the wick (three holds)and drip the oil inside those holds. (money drawing oil), the oil is suppose to burn down with the candles. I also written something like: Spirit of air, I pray to you today, to send financial gain my way. Let it be done, that it harm no one. ( by the power of 3 times)I hope I'm doing things correctly, I truly don't want to harm anyone by getting what's rightfully mine. and i personally don't want to be afflicted by what i do. I hear Thank you so much for your wisdom.
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