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1 of the 1's...
Post # 1
y'know.. if you think about it.. our collective reality is quite magical.. our history is still a mystery to us.. despite the signs of our past higher awareness.. where did the concepts of magic(k), science, and religion originally come from in the first place? No one knows for sure. Books of Wisdom, paradigms, philosophy's, theory's, alien visitors and whatever else aside. We, collectively, me and you, together on this plane.. we don't know.. Whose to say what we are, what we're here for, and where do we go?.. What it all boils down to is us deciding for ourselves what this reality will be.. and I feel.. to prepare for what could possibly be.. I feel I am/we are extraordinary beings with capabilities unknown..

Me, I feel like I'm on a quest.. to make that possible.. not just for myself but for all of us who decide that changing the world is their life mission.. I feel like we're all Gods living in the Land of Gods.. the Bible's, Children of God. "His" most ordained creation. Creators made by Creators..
I feel it's my mission to grow myself as a Creator and serve as a Guardian for the Lost..
But I'm missing that hidden knowledge our Ancestors had.. that access.. that awareness.. that.. feeling..

..if anyone is willing to share their wisdom.. I take in everything with a grain of salt.. but I'm considerate..
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Re: 1 of the 1's...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: 1 of the 1's...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Everything is indeed a mystery, but i think that's the fun of it. i believe discovering the purpose of everything or the origins of everything is a perk of magick. Even if everything here started from aliens it only begs more questions about the aliens! If we all came from a god that begs more answers about the god! So maybe that's why we don't know where we came from. If we knew where or why, we would want to know even more. We might never stop coming up with new questions!

Knowing where we came from won't help us know where we're going. And if we knew where we were supposed to be going and what our purpose is, then we would probably do something to mess it up- either by trying too hard or rejecting it. All we can really do is live in the moment because if we are watching the destination instead of the road we won't see the oncoming cars.
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Re: 1 of the 1's...
Post # 4
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guys, Buddha's blessings to you all!! :)
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