Cultural Appropriation?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural Appropriation?
Post # 1
I've noticed that (on Tumblr at least) there have been a lot of fights between pagans about what is cultural appropriation and what isn't. There's also quite a lot of harassment towards people practicing a path that doesn't "fit in" with their race. In fact, I recently started trying out Korean Folk Magick (Because my adoptive family is Korean so I naturally have an interest in it) and people were saying things like "you don't deserve to practice this kind of Magick because you didn't get bullied for your race as a child". Personally that just baffles me.
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Re: Cultural Appropriation?
Post # 2

I have a tumblr, and what you're saying is not an understatement. There's constant fights between "social justice warriors" and naturally on that site you'd have fights about cultural appropriation. I suggest staying from there or 'tumblr savioring' those posts because most of the time it's overexaggerated. You can incorporate any culture in your path if you feel you connect with it, and so long as you're not being insulting to people who are from that culture. If you want to try Korean Folk Magic because you have an adoptive family, there's no problem in doing that, it's how you portray it. Personally, tumblr's just a big magnet for childish fights when it comes to oppresion and social justice so I would not even bother listening to anything said there. I would research cultural appropriation of what you're incorporating to see what is offensive and what is not.


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Re: Cultural Appropriation?
Post # 3

I think it sucks greatly. We can't help what race are are born into, but even with the option to chooe our race I think we should have the freedom to choose what we believe.

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Re: Cultural Appropriation?
Post # 4
You're still young so I can kinda see how this influences you but really, by the time everything is said and done, you will have put your foot in just about every path at least temporary. I wouldn't worry about those people. Do Korean if you want to. Try and see if it works best with you. Myself, I've found Arabian works best with me and I'm not from that ethnic background.
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