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I'm new here
Post # 1
Hey everyone I would like to learn the arts of magic I hate being the hated kid at school so if anyone can help me out with spell casting like giving me tips and pointers that would be great.
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Re: I'm new here
Post # 2
Are u interested in learning about using energies? Will b real helpful with magic if so ur more then welcome to ask me about it
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Re: I'm new here
Post # 3
If you flip through the forums, you will find a thread about why magick fails that can give you some pointers in casting. Once you learn the basics, you can cast for anything (in reason) with positive results. Reversals help with real world people that make your life stink in school. If you learn to cast, I will find the bully spell for you. You have to learn to hold your heard high though as well. People pick on the week, it isn't right but it happens often.
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Re: I'm new here
Post # 4
The below is a copy past from what I put in the spell book. I hope it helps.

Example; You are in school and Jack and his friends keep calling you names and bulling you. They bump into you all the time acting as though it is an accident. They tell you that you are a looser, a drug addict, a nut case, ugly, poor, lazy, and or stupid. They talk quietly and look at you sometimes pointing so you know they are talking about you. They have caused you to become sad, mad, depressed and it is time for them to stop.

Spell requirements on paper
It would help to list the person(s) first and last name(s) on the paper you will burn. I would suggest a candle color of red. Runes can be of power, order or whatever you feel. If new to magick a simple star will work. It you are into dark arts you may use symbols that represent a Deity of dark nature or any symbol of Dark. For advanced practitioners, you may pack the candle with herbs of your choice or lay them on the paper before burning, put the herbs into the container that will hold the burning paper or the fire itself. I use a spirit flame for many spells, but you may even use a small bon fire. Again, remember if you are working inside paper creates a lot of smoke and you need a heat safe container to put the paper in. remember to hold on to the anger and pane till the last second and let it go just as the paper burns the last word and you are saying the last word.

Spell to write on paper

How many times I have wanted to cry, how many times I have wanted to die.
All the times you have caused me pane, all the times you have screwed with my brain.
I take my anger and send it back, to those of you sending an emotional attack.
No longer will you talk your crap, I cast this day and send it back.
All the hurt and all the pane, I send it to you with the force of a hurricane.
I shall take your abuse no more; see you now what I have in store.
Your life now be what you did send, until you stop sending it to me you shall have no end.
Stand I now in magicks light, using the cosmos to help me fight.
Born to this world under the moon stars and sun, I cast this spell my will has won.
I cast back to you the ill and bane, on to the sender(s) from which it came.
Fire burn this spell in hand, take to the sender now remand.
By Witches law and magnified by three, I send back now and set myself free.

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Re: I'm new here
Post # 5
Hi newbie here too.... my house was recently broken into for the second time in a year, and there has been some negative energy surrounding me and my family. Is there a reasonably simple spell I can do to make the perpetrators of the break in feel immense guilt for what they have done and then have them face justice? I don't know the identities of those responsible but they are locals. Thank you
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Re: I'm new here
Post # 6
Yes Lukeie22 I would be very interested in that
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Re: I'm new here
Post # 7
Ok feel free to shoot me a message then n ill b happy to help
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