Safety Tips for Casting

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Safety Tips for Casting
Post # 1
What should I do before casting a spell? How do I ensure a safe and easy progress during thd spell's casting and how do I keep negative consequences at bay? This spell I'm working with is not meant to cause harm to anyone nor is it a black magic spell, so keep that in mind,

Thank you.
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Re: Safety Tips for Casting
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are different things you can do. If you are unsure then don't cast a spell until you are ready. You can chant some protective chants, cleanse your area, and/or make a circle. Also try learn to ground and center. There are different beliefs at negative consequences coming back at you such as karma or whatever. I believe it is up to you and your practice to decide if you believe in that or not. Be sure of yourself.
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Re: Safety Tips for Casting
Post # 3
To protection spells binding spells. Channel energy, or cast a circle. My simple was to cast a circle is this: go find a natural ground plain valley forest etc. or if you own a ranch with a lot of land that will do. You can do this at day or night. Before you do this meditate if you want o calm your nerves. Go out side under sunlight or moonlight if it's night. Walk around in a huge circle (14 ft at the least), while doing this pointe your finger at the ground,and visualize a white light piercing the ground and making a circle. Also channel energy out of your finger at the ground as you walk. Then go to the four ends of the circle and visualize smaller circles big enough in size to put a baseball in it (you won't need a baseball don't worry it's just an example). Also channel energy as you do this. Then the four ends I'll tell you what to say. First circle at the end: oh air I call thee to my circle for my summons Second end: water I call to thee to come to my circle for my summons Third end: fire I call to thee come to my circle for my summons Fourth end: earth I call to thee come to my circle for my summons Then in the middle say: element spirit I call to thee come to my circle for my summons Then stand in the middle and say: all five elements I call to thee answer my summons so mote it be. Then ask the entity for their help. This was a circle for summoning. You can change it for invoking or anything along those lines. Hope this helps!
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