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Dianic wicca
Post # 1
I believe in the Goddess but not the horned God. Is that what defines a Dianic Wiccan? If not, what do you call a monotheist who has all the other wiccan beliefs?
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Re: Dianic wicca
Post # 2
Even though from what I read, Dianic Wiccans I think do believe in the Horned God but just do not acknowledge him. But, when I read a little further, I do believe it is of Dianic Wicca.
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Re: Dianic wicca
Post # 3
Thank you
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Re: Dianic wicca
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Devin, if you believe in Wicca (in all its variations) then you must believe in the male/female aspects of Wicca. Have a talk with Lark. She is very wise,and very learned in Wicca. And remember that there is always a little "male" in a lesbian; as there is a little female in a GAY man!
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Re: Dianic wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Hi Devlin,

There are actually two different Traditions of Dianics out there.

First of all there are those who follow the writings of Z Budapest who honor only the Goddess and totally reject the God. Practice in such groups is limited to females only and many of them are very much anti anything male. To me and to many others those like Z who reject the male aspect of Divinity are not truly Wiccans but rather Dianic Witches. In fact when Z started her Tradition she did not refer to it as Wicca either.

The second Tradition is the McFarland Dianics. They honor both the God and the Goddess; although their emphasis is on the Goddess, and their covens have both male and female members. I would consider the McFarland Dianics to be Wiccan if they so decide to call themselves. You can read about their beliefs at

You see the whole concept of Wicca is that the Divine presents itself in both male and female aspects. Wicca is and always has been a fertility religion and without both God and Goddess there can be no fertility. It is the relationship between the God and the Goddess that provides the energy that powers all of creation and brings life here on earth.

So, at least in my humble opinion, if you wish to believe only in the Goddess but omit the God entirely from your practices I would call myself perhaps Dianic Witch, or simply Goddess Worshiper rather than Dianic Wiccan.

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Re: Dianic wicca
Post # 6
when you mention Z Budapest she used to have a Shop Called The Feminist Wicca in Venice and they are totally anti male which is their belief but I don't agree .
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