opinoin on this.

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opinoin on this.
Post # 1
Ok let's get this straight. I am sorta an atheist I am sorta not I believe in spirits and stuff along those lines but I believe in the big bang and evolution. I don't believe in the god Christianity portrays but I believe the universe it's self is a higher being and even a god/goddess Any opinion on this. But please no agreements please keep this gentle
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Re: opinoin on this.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Over the centuries there have been many Gods.Every natural phenomenon had a "God"; rivers, volcanoes,trees, and a thousand other "Gods". But, by far, the oldest Gods were (and in some respects still are!)the "creators" of Life; the Sun and the Moon.
Science now accepts that these two "Gods" are,indeed, the creators of Life,together with the one other essential; water!
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Re: opinoin on this.
Post # 3
I see your point and I respect what you believe. :)
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Re: opinoin on this.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
The Sun,Moon,and water as the creators of Life is not a belief.It is fact!
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Re: opinoin on this.
By: / Novice
Post # 5
as Brysing touched on, ancient gods were normally created to explain things, like why it rained, or why someone would die. belief in Gods [no matter what God] comes down to faith. some people i know don't believe in a particular deity, but a source of spiritual energy. it is something you need to discover, connect with, and choose for yourself.

there are as many people as there are paths, you need to discover yours. do some soul searching and ask yourself the questions. really think and listen to yourself [or the universe] for an answer. answers can be subtle, or they can be direct, so don't overlook things. it's like an old joke i like about a man lost at sea. he prays to god for help, a short while later a boat comes along and asks if he needs help. the man refuses saying god will help him, and the boat leaves. the man continues to pray for help, an hour later another boat comes by, and again he refuses to board the ship. he eventually drowns, when he meets god he yells at him for not saving his life to which god replies 'i sent two ships'. you might be looking for a deity to appear before you and answer your questions, but you will more likely have a dream about them, or a feeling of peace. it's not what you were expecting, but it's an answer.
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