Those Meditating

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Those Meditating
Post # 1
Have you ever meditated with your eyes closed, but somewhat didn't want to open them to stop meditating? I am thinking that is a good thing though, seeing that you have became comfortable at least to a degree. I have felt this before, and I was sitting up at the time.
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Re: Those Meditating
By: / Novice
Post # 2
lol, that has happened a few times to me. more often though i'm wanting to keep meditating, but my eyes begin to open, so i usually meditate in a dark room, so i don't go blind if my eyes have been shut for 10 minutes and then slowly start opening.

meditation is a way to relax, and normally when i meditate it's because i want to, so being forced to stop meditating is typically because i need to start dinner or something, and the time i put aside wasn't long enough.
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Re: Those Meditating
Post # 3

That is awesome. I started to daily meditate yesterday and I allow myself to do so for at least five minutes for now. I am happy to know that it is not just me feeling this way, and I hope to increase my ESP and Qi, honestly since I have seen some skilled Qi practitioners do such amazing things by manipulating their Qi and I haven't seen any explanation how they are doing so besides manipulating their Qi. I know of a youtube video with a demonstration, but I am not able to use an actual computer to copy and paste the link right now. I understand that I may not get very far since I am doing this without a master teaching me, and also probably because it may turn out to not be real, but I would like to try out this practice.

The name of the youtube video is "Chi Energy Amazing Footage".

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