Moving Shadows?

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Moving Shadows?
Post # 1

I don't know if its just me, but recently I've been seeing these black figures out of the corner of my eye. One was shaped like a cat. This was when I was resting on my couch and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. Another time, I was taking my dog for a walk and I saw another one looking like a sillouhette of a small child. Any thoughts?

Aren't they called "shadow people" or something?

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Re: Moving Shadows?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Oh my! No need to yell with your fluffiness!
Thrandull, shadow figures are not dangerous. Most I have found are watchers, and are just interested in us. The cat could be spirit guide, but not sure. The child is interesting, though could be just a short figure. Shadows visit me often, as do other things. I am not afraid of them. If you are concerned, and you want them out, do a smudge of sage and drive them out. You can also use blessed water. You start at the door and work counterclockwise throughout the house, and end at the door you styarted from. Then to keep them out, you can salt the door by running a line of salt at the entrances of every opening, including window sills.
If you are more interested in them, you can try to communicate with them. Lighting a candle to honor their presence, speaking of so as you light the candle, and start talking. You will see signs rather than words, as this is how most start out. I have spirits that visit and call me by name. I believe they do this as I think they are relatives. The others are just passing through and tend not to bother me. A couple of times, my name was called as a warning to pay attention to something that I needed to take care of.
So, yes. No need to worry, as you can rid your place or yourself of them, or interact with them. But no need to fear them. Feel free to mail me if you want to talk more about this. Blessed Be...
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Re: Moving Shadows?
Post # 3
Depending on the size of the shadow person, they can be very dangerous. If they look like the height of a taller man, you need to get as far away as possible.
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Re: Moving Shadows?
Post # 4
I never saw shadows of cats or any of that but I know that this is true.
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Re: Moving Shadows?
Post # 5
Do a spirit guide meditation, the cat could be a spirit guide. Shadow people don't usually harm anyone, if you notice they start moving things or getting physical it could be demonic and you would want to do a full house cleaning followed by saving your house, and putting salt around the whole perimeter of your home. But don't be alarmed if it's just shadows, it's creepy at first but you'll get used to it.

If you don't want them around find a banishing spells
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Re: Moving Shadows?
Post # 6
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Re: Moving Shadows?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Hmm, well, I see that many people on here are talking about how Shadow People are good or bad. Personally, most of the ones I've come in contact with were not very friendly but I'm sure they aren't all like that.
I believe that shadow people are a form of Ghosts, maybe the Ghosts of people who died with some kind of negative energy attached to them like sadness or anger. Or maybe they're people who have died tragic deaths. Others say they're demons or travelers from other realms. Its hard to say. Every spirit, like every living person, is different. Different souls, different personalities.

I agree with what another person said, the Cat may be a spirit guide or power animal. Or maybe even the spirit of a cat that passed away. I personally strongly think animals have souls just as much as we humans do.

Go by the vibes you get from the spirit. If you feel uneasy or even unsafe, you may want to banish it and cleanse yourself and your house and put protection over yourself and your house. If you feel like the spirit is friendly, curious or lost, or you feel like it is not a threat to you, maybe try to contact it. It may be there to help you or it may need your help, or it could just be passing though and curious of you. Spirits are very interesting to talk to if you're being safe and careful.
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