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New to the page
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello All!
I am new to this groups and hope to find further insight in learning some healing spells and also gain more knowledge in the use of crystals, meditation, opening chakras, and astral projection. I also would like to unblock my concentration so I may get to my beach and talk with my main spirit guide Brian. As a Gnostic, I believe in both the Mother and Father God and I believe in life on thew other side (I have been there a few times in dreams and 1 guided session). I used to be in tune with myself and I was very intuitive and a bit psychic but I do not know where it was lost. I also have a tendency to break glass when I am in extreme spiritual distress and anger (happened twice). I would like to learn how to control those things, learn how to use them in good ways and understand exactly what my gifts are. I am a rune reader but even that seems a bit blocked as I find myself second guessing everything. I really need guidance and hope to meet someone in my area who I can learn with.
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Re: New to the page
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hello and welcome. Yeah, one can be blocked for many reasons; sick or upset, even depression of any kind, etc. I'm sure you'll be fine. Feel free to mail me. Maybe we can figure it out together. I feel blocked when my fibromyalgia kicks up, so I know the block feeling. Well, good luck! Blessed Be...
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Re: New to the page
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you Star,
I actually had quite a bad blow during a sudden divorce a couple years ago and the depression almost killed me. I went to my friend who channeled my female spirit guide and she told me they petitioned a new path for me. My chart does not teeter but comes to an abrupt stop and veers off. I soon found myself away from my home state and in TX. Everything is weird to me and I can't seem to get past the self punishment for the way I have been feeling....ahh the viscous circle....I think it is because I do not recognize this path as I did not write it. I find myself getting internally angry and thinking dark things. I know that if I do not quit it will destroy me. I am hoping things get better and soon.
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