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Beginner spell caster
Post # 1
Okay so beginner I mean I have never cast a spell before. I have practiced meditation, astral projection and thought manifestation but I'm very interested in attempting a spell.

There are two scenarios occurring in my life that I would like to influence.

A) I have exams coming up soon and I want to perform extremely well (obviously I don't expect that to come without hard work but I'd like to try something regardless)

B) My parents who are very honest, hard working people, recently received a very unfair fine (around $800). They are taking the matter to court and have a lawyer, but I want to cast something to make this whole scenario go away for them as it is costing them a lot of money and time (my father is doing it on principle).

What kind of spells should I look for? I am reading into a lot of information about spell casting for beginners, but some guidance would be kindly appreciated :) Thank you.
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Re: Beginner spell caster
Post # 2

If you've never casted a spell before and you would like to, I think you should start with the basics a bit more. Meditation and visualization is a great start and so is astral projection, but in this case, I think you need to focus on visualization and intent greatly.

-If you want to do extremely well on a exam, you can find a spell or attempt to create your own that will influence your success, but please make sure you do put hard work into it by study and do not solely rely on the spell itself.

-For this, you could find or create your own luck spell, or a money spell that involves liberation of debt/fines. However, I think you should be careful and let your parents deal with this, because all spells can backfire and you don't want to make it worse that it already is.

Keep researching the basics and perform them at your own pace, and find spells/make your own that will be easiest for you to do as a beginner.


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