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Today's Magic
Post # 1
What if technology is todays magic and sorcery. I was thinking about this not to long ago when I made a phone call to my dad. I just did telepathy and talked to him without seeing him face to face. Or when i had turned on my flashlight and i could see in the dark. Cumputers are tools of endless information so souldnt the programmers be considered powerful wizards and witches. So woulnt it only make sence to put technomancy and programming a valled school of magic. Really all it is is energy manipulation and complex mathmatics compiled together to form tools of great power. Way back when, sorcerers and witches and wiccans formed groups and sanctuary for there studies. Isnt this website the same. Think about this. A coven that taught technomancy. Or programming skills. Why not? Right?
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Re: Today's Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Way back magick was anything that couldn't be explained, so in that way yes, technology is magick. Most people on this site though are here to learn about the old ways and spells. I'm not sure if teaching about computers would count for most people, but you do bring up a good point.
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Re: Today's Magic
Post # 3
Your right most people dont see it as that.
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Re: Today's Magic
Post # 4
I think you just explained something Brysing have been talking about for god knows how long
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Re: Today's Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Yes,indeed! The old time witches and Alchemists,were the experimenters of today's Medical Researchers and Scientists.
It's the words, that over the years, have been condemned by various "Churches"; such words as "witch" and witchcraft. And the meaning of the words has changed.Most people now would associate witchcraft with Wicca, when it really isn't! I am one of the few witches left of the "old school", and we rarely,if ever, cast spells.
The old fashioned witch was a "seeker of knowledge". That applies now as it always did.
All words change over the centuries,but if you think the word "healer" means the same as "doctor", you will realise that the first doctors were witches!
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Re: Today's Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Magic isn't even really a foreign concept now. Every day scientist are just beginning to prove things that have been long held beliefs by our type. Complex energy manipulation, chance, faith are all topics that have been scoffed at by the general complex, but are down being explored by doctors around the world and are beginning to be integrated into mainstream society.

We seek and accept knowledge long doubted and scrutinised. Being a 'witch' is something I hold a lot of pride in, Scientist 1.0.

Well said previous commentators!
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