Unusual spell signs

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Unusual spell signs
Post # 1
Hello all!

I have just recently begun casting, and I have experienced some quite unusual signs and am wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.

During one spell cast, a tree lit on fire (it was a passionate spell), during another, after I blew out a candle and left the room, I came back to it being re-lit. Tonight I performed another involving a metal chalice. The chalice broke off the handle right as the spell ended.

I don't see these signs as negative at all, and they could also be mere coincidences, but I wouldn't mind someone else's insight.

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Re: Unusual spell signs
Post # 2
Most of those signs have a very simple explanations:

-Tree, faulty electric wires, or someone forgot to put out a cigaret bud

-Candle, well most likely you bought a gag/joke candle(they re ignite after couple of seconds), or maybe someone in family possibly younger sibling, and last option is that you have a fire spirit existing near you that feeds of the energy of your spells(could be reason behind tree incident as well but I doubt it)

- Chalice, most of those are of fairly poor quality even if they are made out of seemingly sturdy materials, and timing if it breaking is just coincidence.
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Re: Unusual spell signs
Post # 3
There was no electrical wire by the tree. The candle was not a trick candle. It was the same I use for other spells, just regular chime candles purchased at my local enchantment shop. I don't have any younger siblings. I live with my boyfriend, who was in the other room with me the entire time, until we went into the bedroom.

Guess I have to buy another metal chalice, though!
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Re: Unusual spell signs
Post # 4
Oh, and the tree was on my balcony in my high rise apartment. Neither of us smoke, and no cigarette butt or anything else can land on my balcony.
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Re: Unusual spell signs
Post # 5
The interesting thing is, we all hope and believe we are powerful enough (at some point of casting) to influence nature, the atmosphere, and material objects. Sometimes its just coincidence, or it could also be something you possibly attracted. Whichever the case, investigate every step you took and document can learn from yourself.
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