Introduction and my story

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Introduction and my story

Introduction and my story
Post # 1
Hello everyone i am Markkus and im in need of great help not of money but of breaking my bindings and turning my girlfriends parents opinion of me

many of you dont care however this is the situation as it stands
i met brittany about 6 months ago she was in a bad situation she was shy and scared to talk to me but eventually through slow ased talking i got her to open up after her now ex dumped her in a harsh way we began to date it was going fine until i found out she was being beaten at home by her 30 year old brother untill one night she couldnt take it anymore and she ran away she called me late at night and told me what happened she was being driven to work by her brother as her epilepsy prevents her from driving so i drove all night scowering the city of irving texas to find her when i did she told me about her ex tommy he would toss her around like a rag doll beat her mercilessly and hold her down as his friends forcefully had sex with her i brought her back to my house and gave her space to breathe she stayed with me for 2 weeks and we grew so close she and i are talking about later down the line starting a life together we keep in constant contact however her parents claim im the worst thing for her and that she needs to return to tommy that he never struck her just "physically corrected" her she eventually returned to her house with her parents but they dont want her to ever see me again they say i cant protect her and that i look like an axe murderer they are on her constantly to return to tommy and her old life while i encourage her to return to school i even went so far as to obtain 28,000 for her tuition i treat her like a queen and show her my hands are gentile to her and my fist is only for my enemy she sees that and has told me that im the best that she has ever known as a specimen of a man i need help swaying her parents to see that we love each other and that im a good man

if its just a fools dream and magicks wont help at least tell me what your opinion is i need to know if im doing wrong
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Re: Introduction and my story
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Introduction and my story
Post # 3
I feel bad for this girl and all the stuff that she is supposedly going through. I think it's messed up that all you can think about especially after what her ex Tommy did to her is changing the parent's opinion of you. This is pretty selfish Markkus. A true friend, who really cared about her well being would convince her to go to the police and press charges against this "tommy" and his friends. What she really needs now is a good support system of friends that she could rely on in this time of crisis. I really think she should go to the police about her ex and she should seek some form of therapy to help her along with the healing process. Helping her and calling her your own is two different things Markkus.
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Re: Introduction and my story
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'm sorry, but without proper grammar, capitals, and punctuation, I could not read this. Otherwise, I may be able to help.
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