Spirit Explorer Scouts

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Spirit Explorer Scouts
Post # 1

-We are hopefully starting a chapter in Shelby County, Ohio. This is a great experience. Its kinda like girl/boy scouts and youth group for young pagans.
-For the Shelby County group to form, we need a minimum of 3 members and 1 leader. Preferably the leader is 17 years old and above, with a drivers license and CPR license. If you do not have a CPR license and would like to be the leader, check out your local Red Cross for classes, does not take up much time at all.
-Again, if you wish to be a leader, you must be willing to go through a thorough background check and personal interview with Kirsten Love, the lovely woman who started it all.
-If you wish to be a member or know someone who would like to be, you can check us out on Facebook with the link below. Or you could go to our website and register there.
-Thank you all and Blessed Be
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Re: Spirit Explorer Scouts
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Is this like SpiralScouts? My son was in that.
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Re: Spirit Explorer Scouts
Post # 3
Yes, it is. Its more limited on, age wise. I believe its 6 - 18 years. We are here to reach the rural parts of pagan communities. I live in a very christian community and its hard to find other pagans my age, near here. My parents are very unwilling to drive too long of distances, so bigger, more international groups are out of the question for me. I know of only one other pagan my age, and she has the same issues. When I found the Spirit Explorer Scouts I was so excited for a youth group like thing for pagans. But the original group is up near Lake Eerie and I live closer to Dayton. But after talking to Kirsten, she said she's perfectly fine with starting a chapter down here and was very understanding. Really, we only need one other member and a leader to get things off the ground. I would really appreciate if anyone was willing to help out or join.
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