Need to break spell.

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Need to break spell.
Post # 1
So I've found out exactly what a person did to put a spell on me. And I know who he is. He has caused alot of pain and misery and even death to not just me but my ex gf and friends. How do I break the spell he has cast, and make them go back on him for karma and justice.
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Re: Need to break spell.
Post # 2
take a mirror and focus his intent set on you to bounce back to him by imagining that a beam of light is being sent back from the mirror to him which causes the energy that was sent to be sent back and attack him he probably has some protection up since he causes these pains so it will take major focus when you are looking in the mirror just imagine that your body turns into his and all of this energy is being turned back onto him now to break the spell take two objects one representing you and one the spell preferably something like a stick because you will be burying these after you do the spell and take some easily cut rope or yarn or any other string like material and tie the two objects together then say something along the lines of i sever this connection of energies and send back the spell that was cast unto me grab the rope and have it in a loop so you can insert the knife or other sharp object and then cut the rope and imagine that all that energy going back to him from that spell you could also do this for others too if you so wish and if they desire it
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Re: Need to break spell.
Post # 3
and do not forget to bury the yarn and the objects
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Re: Need to break spell.
Post # 4
As you know and have a strong belief on that someone put a spell on you then it make more problem in your life as compare to previous. Even if a person doesn't believe in spell will still take a toll on their life.

Make use of water, grind the garlic into a paste. Rub the paste on the souls of the afflicted person's shoes, and on the front step of his/her home.
Create a blessing with the Sun retribution Symbol invoking enlightenment and clarity. This will negate earth spells.
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