Celtic Paths

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Celtic Paths
Post # 1
Im trying to find a forum on here with information of the celtic paths. I know the gods however i do not understand the difference between celtic. reconstructionalism ( pretty sure thats spelled wrong orjust incorrect all together) and neo-druidry. Are there more celtic paths? If so what are they? Thank you for the help.
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Re: Celtic Paths
Post # 2
Celtic Reconstruction is about reconstruction (hence the name) of the ancient Celtic practices and beliefs based on lore and what little was written down about the Celts by other cultures since they passed their traditions down orally. Neo-Druidry is the more modernized concept of the ancient Celtic ways and receives some of its influences from other cultures and traditions. By the way, there is a forum for Neo-Druidry here if you haven't noticed it yet.
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Re: Celtic Paths
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Reconstruction is trying to literally follow the way the old Celtics did by looking at historical information and not the more modern fluff. The Victorian historians romanticized the Celtic and their religion. Reconstruction tries to fix that.

Neo-Druidry is a modern version of what the Celtics believed. It is changed up to fit with today's society and tries to pull from some sources that reconstruction does...but it can still contain a lot of information that is incorrect.

There is also Celtic Wicca. This is the Wiccan faith mixed with Celtic concepts like the gods, ogham writing and divination, tree calendar, and etc. It is in no way traditional to what was practiced at the time of the Celtics.

Nothing we have today will ever be exactly what the Celtics believed. A lot of the info was destroyed when the Romans and Christianity came through. Most of what we have is from monks writing down the legends and from what we have rediscovered from Northern France sites.

Therefore, most people I know that follow a Celtic tradition just go with a general Celtic spirituality. Meaning they take Celtic practices and beliefs and add it to their own personal spirituality as they see fit.
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Re: Celtic Paths
Post # 4
Thank you both for your help! I got most of the information i needed. Im based off of the celtic reconstructionism for sure. Now i just need to find a mentor to help me along that path. And hopefully a forum on here regarding the path.
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