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Binding Spell
Post # 1
I am looking for a binding spell to prevent someone from further hurting a child. This person has manipulated the biological parent of the 8 year old child to permit her to have legal guardianship. This woman loves attention and I believe that is why she has done this. She provokes the child into rages of anger, locks him in a room sectioned off by plywood in a dark basement with no windows and locks the room from the outside. Then after the child becomes isolated and angry, he responds. She has placed him into three different mental hospitals, and has medicated him. I know the grandmother of the child and she is desperately trying to get custody of him but it is a long process. I think a binding spell would help keep him safe until this happens. Any suggestions on this?
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Re: Binding Spell
Post # 2
If a child is being abused then this is a matter for the police and child services
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Re: Binding Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Spells only go so far. If they have legal guardianship, the first step is to get the law and child services involved. Then look into doing a banishing spell of the person from the child's life...not a binding. Then just know that the law will take it from there. Spells have to have a physical counterpart to work. In this case it will be the police and child services.
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Re: Binding Spell
Post # 4
I have reported it to the police and to the department of family services. The woman is a master at manipulation. The child told officers that she was cruel, that she pulled his hair, and even told them that he was locked in his room from the outside. Right now family services is checking into it, meanwhile the mental health providers are allowing this woman to care for him. She is not who she says she is. I see the evil in her, and she does not speak the truth. I can feel the childs pain and I hear him in my dreams asking for help. I have also called CASA, they work with minor children, but because the court has allowed this woman guardianship, they will not interfere. The judge that granted the guardianship is dirty. I am at a loss of what to do. The justice system is broke where I live. I am a crime victim advocate, and now that I have tried everything, I feel that I must do what ever it takes to help him without causing harm to another. I just want her to stop the mental torture to this child. He has loving grandparents that want him and I believe that he belongs with them. I'm just trying to find a way to help him get there
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