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little help
Post # 1
I have been practicing or trying to practice magic that deals alot with spiritual energy but I can't seem to get ahang of it. Whenever I try to use Psy energy or magic in general that would require energy being released it just doesn't work. Could anyone help me or explain this better to me so I can continue working at it.
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Re: little help
Post # 2
It is normal friend.

An unripe fruit does not taste good.

Lets take an example:

In order to eat a desired fruit, you have to follow the following sequence in order:
1 Find the seed of the fruit.
2 sow the seed in ground.
3 water it daily in proper amounts.
4 take care of it with love and compassion.
5 Protect the plant from all things until it becomes a tree.
6 Now the tree will bear flowers, and then fruits too, so wait patiently till fruits grow.
7 Still wait patiently for the fruits to ripe.
The more you wait, the more ripe fruit will be, and the more it will be tasty.

I will give one more example:
Everything is like swimming.
At first day, or next few weeks, nothing will happen.
But, if you wait patiently and believe in it, then after some time results will start to appear.
It means you learn to swim more than a meter.
Then with more practice and patience and persistence, you will become good with time.
Effort always have its rewards.


If you do not understood anything, or want a more detailed explanation, then tell me.

I wish you Luck.
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Re: little help
Post # 3
I think your tree anology works better as I literally learnd to swim the first day I practiced and was very good at it.
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Re: little help
Post # 4
Here fruit is desired result.
seed is the path to goal.
sowing the seed is learning the basics.
watering everyday is to practice every single day until you eat the ripe fruit.

it clearly says that at first nothing will happen, however with time, you will begin to see the results.

All you need to do is believe in success and keep doing, and you will get what you desire.

Although This path is full of effort, whose results you will not see easily.
So, if you want to quit it, then also its your choice.
Anyways, choice is always yours to make.

Also practice basics on daily level too.
Meditation is kind of needed/necessary.

Mail me, if you want to learn more.
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