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wish granting
Post # 1
So I basically want a spell that can grant me a wish. If you wanna know why its because a year ago I was dating a guy and at the time I wasn't allowed to date so my parents found out, they got mad, and since they're strict they forbid me to talk to him. All I want is for my parents to let me be with him!!! So does anyone know any good spells that'll grant my wish?
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Re: wish granting
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You do not give your age on your profile, so it is difficult to answer your post.If you are still a child (under 18 in most countries) then you just have to obey your parents.
If so, you may still write to your boy, even if you have to do it in secret.
There is a very old adage that "Love will always find a way."
And it usually does!
By the way, all spells are "wish spells".
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Re: wish granting
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: wish granting
By: / Novice
Post # 4
as Brysing said, we don't know your age, but i'm guessing you're in high school. growing up, it was a rule i wasn't allowed to date until i was 16. my mom and her brother had that rule too. if i have kids, they will have the same rule. the reason a parent would make such a rule is because you are young, your hormones can get the better of you and you could make a mistake which you could regret for the rest of your life. granted, you could go behind their parents back. rules are put in place for a reason, not just to 'make your life miserable'. i would talk with your parents calmly, and explain why you wish to be with him.

magickally, you could try a honey jar to make your parents listen to you. if you are in high school, its not as long as it feels, if you and him belong together, then the two of you will wait, and be together in the future. if you or him can't wait a year or three, then it might be better if you don't go out. just saying. good luck to you.
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