Honey jar

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Honey jar
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This is my first time doing this so I have a few questions! I've made 2 for two different ex's. (Long story). Let's call them jar A and B. The first time I lit candle A it took two hours and like 10 minutes to burn out and it was only a 4 inch candle. Candle B took 45 minutes and they are both the same size candle. The least jar A has taken to burn was 50 minutes. Jar B made a heart once from the wax and has always burned normally so my questions are mostly about jar A. The first time I lit jar A the flame was going crazy. The flame has calmed down and just burns high now. One of the times the candle was finished and would still not go out, the little stick was still burning on top of the lid with no wax for about 15 minutes. On the 3rd day I did get a sign from him, not anything drastic or sweet but something he had never done before. On the 4th day the candle wax left about 4 or 5 hearts. The next day I decided to open the jar and add a picture. The candle has been burning very clean with no wax dripping, but still burning slow. There has been a heart left after or during the candle is burning for about a week now. What does this mean? I have added 3 rose quartz surrounding my jar and carve his name and birth date (mine too) and things like "love me" and coat the candle with oil and love herbs. Sometimes I can literally feel some crazy energy transfer from my hands into the jar or when I charge the rose quartz. I put a lot of thought I even started crying twice so that must be more energy for the jar right? Oh and I have been seeing his name a lot lately. Him and I have been hookups/ really close friends for 4 years straight so I know his feelings are there. Any tips? Please help!
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