What does this mean?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> What does this mean?

What does this mean?
Post # 1
(Im VERY sorry i typed so much, but im lost.)
This is a separate post than the other one im doing. But i have been on other sites specifically for this, and there has never really been a solid answer.
I have been having dreams. A red/long-haired man dresses in a black trench coat, will walk up to me and ask me how i am. Ill say im fine and then he walks away. Sometimes i can ask him a question, but he doesn't respond. After a few nights of this, i started calling him Ramone Cactus (after Ramona flowers from scott pilgrim.) after that, Cactus pops up everywhere. either it be the word or the object itself. Even my friends noticed, and i didn't even tell them about my dreams.
Not this is where the magic is involved. This didnt start happening until i tried my first spell. (Better Mood spell. Didnt work). Now there was one person i told. A person who practiced black magic. Said things like "Maybe you should cast a spell to make him real" Or "He probably exists.You just need to summon him." Now im not sure that's even possible. But after that day, there was a psychic woman giving out the address for her shop. I walk past her and heard her say to her friend "Theres someone watching that girl." I wanted to ask question...But i was with my mother, buying her dinner. (and she already thinks im weird enough).
Moving on to now. Im tired of not knowing what to do or what this means. I came here to learn about magic, but also to, hopefully, get some answers. Does ANYBODY know what this means or if thers something i can do, or if i can actually talk to this person? Im sorry i typed a lot but, i didnt know where else to turn.
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 2

It's fine. As far as rants go that is actually very legible and not that long lol. I would suggest meditating to see what comes to you. The person could be someone in real life, it could be a guide, it could be someone from a past life, it could even just be someone your subconscious dredged up as a visual to work out some underlying issue. Who knows? As for the psychic woman, she could have been seeing them or something else. I would not worry to much about it. Meditate, maybe get a reading done, perhaps even keep your dreams in a journal and see if something else stands out. Blessings!


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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 3
Ill give this all a try. Thanks.
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