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Sea Witchery
Post # 1
For centuries there have been stories told about witches that were associated with the ocean and other parts of water. Those beings were called Sea Witches. These stories were about powerful ladies who could raise winds, cause storms, and even sink ships. If a ship sank or if there was a bad storm, a witch might be to blamed. She could get hanged or even worse, to be burnt at the stake.

Sometimes these witches would be regarded as powerful

phantoms that have supernatural powers that could determine the fate of a ships and their crew out in the ocean.

Traditionally, these witches would be seen out in the coast, casting powerful spells and giving a helping hand to sailors who need some extra luck out in sea. A common tale among Sea Witchery is that a witch can tie three knots in single rope or sometimes in a handkerchief and then give it to a sailor to bring some magick with them while sailing. When one knot was untied, it would cast a small force of wind; when another knot was untied, it would cast a much stronger breeze. Finally, when the third was untied, it brought out a massive wind storm.

Sea Witches are known to connect their spell craft with the element of water, at least most of the time. They also work with the tides, the weather and the moon. A Sea Witch doesnt just work with the ocean. He or she can work with other bodies of water, like the water in your bathtub, a lake, stream, or even a bowl of water with salt in it. A sea witch can mainly find their tools around the beach, by stuff that washes over to the shoreline. These items can be shells, beach glass, feathers, driftwood, sand, and other items.

To clarify something a Sea Witch neither performs black or white magick, but rather does gray magick. Which is a balance of both types of spell craft. A Sea Witch wishes to achieve stability between one and the other in the form of light and dark energies. The reason is because the Sea Witch see's equilibrium of everyday life and especially in the ocean. The ocean can be a cruel dark place but it can also be a calm and nice location. Its basically how life is and how life can turn out sometimes bad and sometimes good. This is why the Sea Witch strives for balance, in order to get the best out of life.

A Sea Witch is a solitary practitioner in witchcraft which means they practice their spell craft by them selves. Even though this may be they can still formalize a coven with each other, which is a group of witches.

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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 2
This was interesting. Where did you find the info on them?
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Re: Sea Witchery
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
These are very old tales of myths and legends.The sea is extremely powerful! And the old time sailors didn't know about how the sea behaved.To them it seemed to have a mind of its own! So any disaster,gales, storms,gigantic waves, etc, must be caused by either the Sea God, or the actions of a witch.
They are just stories,like the German Lorelei,the maidens who sang to lure sailors to their death.
"Don't believe everything you read!"
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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 4
This was a very interesting post thank you for sharing :)
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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 5
I read something about this before and I just love the story.
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Re: Sea Witchery
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Sea witchery is a very fun tradition of witchcraft for those who love water. I've been adding a lot of it's practices into mine for several years now. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to add to this post. XD

Sea witches do work with the weather, moon and general water magicks outside of just the ocean. Knot magick is common for the winds as well as other uses. Tides are used like the moon phases for magickal properties. (Low tide = New moon, High tide = Full moon) Plants common to beach areas are used like magickal herbs such as seaweeds, beach evening primrose, and etc. Anything that washes up can be used for magick like sea shells, coconuts, drift wood. Cowrie shell divination is popular, but drift wood can be used to make rune/ogham sets too. Even sand has its uses, like the sea witch who doesn't live by the sea may sprinkle it around her as she casts her circle. On the more mythical side, mermaids and undines are called upon as spirit helpers or for casting the circle.

Books to read for this path include:

-Sea Magic: Connecting with the Ocean's Energy by Sandra Kynes
-Magickal Mermaids and Water Creatures by DJ Conway
-Mermaid Magic: Serene Conneeley
-Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham (Has a section on water power and sea magick)
-Earth Power by Scott Cunningham (Has a section on knot magick and weather magick)
-Elemental Witch: Fire, Air, Water, Earth Discover your natural affinity by Tammy Sullivan
-Elemental Magick by DJ Conway
-Enchantments: 200 Spells for Bath & Beauty Enhancement by Edain McCoy (Due to bath oil and bath salt recipes...very water magick based)
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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 7
There are a spit-load of awesome blogs on tumblr dedicated to sea-witchcraft. Take a look!
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