Confidence Crystal Spell

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Confidence Crystal Spell
By: / Beginner
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Confidence Crystal Spell

What you'll need :

  • -Tiger Eye Gem (or another crystal that is good for confidence)
  • -One (1) Yellow Candle
  • -Three (3) White Candles
  • -A Pouch or Jewellery Making Supplies

When To Perform :

  • -New Moon

Where :

  • -Preferably Outside Under the New Moon, if possible.

What To Do :

  • Place the white candles in a triangle formation with the yellow candle at its centre.
  • Be sure to have yourself centre and grounded, in whatever fashion works best for you.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand and focus your energy to it.

Light the first white candle (the top one), saying;

  • I call to the universal energies, to make a humble request of thee. Bestow the gift of courage on me.

Light the second white candle (bottom left), saying:

  • I call to the universal energies, to make a humble request of thee. Bestow the gift of strength to me.

Light the third white candle (bottom right), saying:

  • I call to the universal energies, to make a humble request of thee. Bestow the gift confidence on me.

Light the yellow centre candle, and pass the crystal just above the flame, saying:

  • By the power of three, I ask you to join me. So I may live who I am meant to be, grant these gifts to me.

At this time, take a moment to meditate and focus on the yellow candle. See yourself acting with confidence, standing taller, straighter, speaking for your true self. Feel the confidence as it flows in you, your calm, and your strength of will and purpose.

Envision these pictures, feelings, and their energies flowing into the crystal you hold, saying:

  • I dedicate this crystal with love and light, with strength, courage and confidence on this night. By the power of three, and the energies that be. Allow these gifts to come unto me. So mote it be.

NOTE : You can make your crystal into a necklace, or bracelet, to wear against your skin or you can simply place it in a pouch to carry. Be sure to keep it with you when you feel you are going to need it, or keep it close at all times for a continual flow. When in a situation that needs confidence, or an extra boost, I like to hold or rub the crystal, thinking/saying: "The gifts of strength, courage and confidence be mine."

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