Astral Projection?

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Astral Projection?
Post # 1
I have a few questions. While I'm trying to Astral Project how will I know when I am actually doing it. I have never honestly been clear about that, can I tell when it does in fact happen?

Also can I see my surroundings clearly in Astral Projection?
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Re: Astral Projection?
Post # 2
Yes, you will see clearly. In fact, it has been my experience that whilst astral projecting, things may look so clear that it looks fake. But a projection should feel just as real as how you feel right now.
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Re: Astral Projection?
Post # 3
Astral projection. its really cool! I heard of it many times but i never wanted to do it because i thought it was risky, dangerous,or a newbie like me might never wake up again. I'll just stick with wind and water magic for now. Anyway back to you. Maybe your the kind of people that CAN astral project, but doesn't seem to realize it. You may have done it hundreds of times and thought it was a dream! :)
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Re: Astral Projection?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
There are different levels of astral traveling. Some books talk about traveling more on a mental level where you don't have all your senses. The version we are most told about though is where you are so vividly astral traveling it is like normal life.

My books on shamanism talk about journeying while still being aware of their physical body and its surrounds....while being completely on the astral planes or astral version of earth. Others talk about it being like a dream state that is more vivid like lucid dreaming. From what I gather, it can feel many different ways.

For example, my mom said for her it was like she was actually there...she didn't realize she was having an out of body experience until she walked through the door. It freaked her out and she snapped back into her body.

For me, it is like doing guided meditations only a bit more advanced. Things are realistic but so much that it almost feels too real that it is fake...and my brain doesn't always seem to be able to focus on everything properly because it is almost over stimulated by everything.

Only reason I know what I've done was astral travel was from a group session. It felt like a vivid day dream in some ways...but all of my coven members stories linked up perfectly. It was the coolest experience I've ever had to this day. So you might try doing a similar thing with a friend.
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Re: Astral Projection?
Post # 5
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