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Post # 1
My husband is a vet and has ptsd. He has a problem sleeping and has terrible nightmares. He has tried traditional medication and it doesn't work. He has agreed to try an alternative. I have practiced herbalism for years and other eastern forms of healing. Does anyone know a reliable herbal remedy or incantation that I can use to help him? Thank you so much.

Blessed be
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Re: nightmares
Post # 2
it depends on the herbs how they were grown and well, those are the two few i learned about but im not much of a herbalist so id wait for other answers
blessed be
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Re: nightmares
Post # 3
My grandmother taught me how to grow herbs. We are of Celtic decent and she used herbs for healing. Thank you for your reply.

Blessed be
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Re: nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Nightmares, especially vivid ones can stay with you for a long time. Here are the many things people do to prevent nightmares. See if any of this works for you:

Light an oil lamp or a yellow/white candle at bedtime, after washing your hands and feet.

Leave a glass of water on your night stand before you go to sleep. Water is believed to absorb negative energy while you sleep. Throw the water away in the morning. Do not drink it.

Anti-nightmare baggie
In a small cloth pouch add star anise, flaxseed, mustard seeds, leaves from a lemon tree (or dried lemon peel), rosemary and chamomile flowers, and put it under your pillow or hang it on your headboard. You can use all the above herbs or as many as you can find.

Put an old iron nail or key under the pillow. Old voodoo remedy. It works for me like a charm

Apart from helping you cope with insomnia and nightmares, it?s a stress reducer, calms fears, raises hope and enhances spirituality. Wear one or tuck one under your pillow

Put it under your bed at night and dust it off by tapping it thrice outside your window every morning

Where?s your head?
The direction in which you place your head at bed time is believed to affect not just your sleep but also your life. The south, which is associated with water, is the worst possible direction to face while you?re sleeping.

Dream catchers
Native Americans have been using them forever. Dream catchers are hung on the headboard, over the bed or to the closest window to your bed.

Doors, windows and mirrors
Make sure while sleeping that your feet are not directly pointing to a door or a window. Avoid sleeping under windows and in front of mirrors.

Prayer/incantation or affirmation
Any of the above three will take you a long way. Say a little something at bed time. Something you believe will protect you or appeal to the universe to protect. Both work just as well.
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