General consensus?

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General consensus?
Post # 1
So. In my experience of astral projecting, I've never run into any such thing as a "chord" of any kind connecting me to my physical body. However, there seems to be a lot of controversy about whether or not this "chord" actually exists. Perhaps I cannot see this chord? Or maybe it's just a coping mechanism of some kind in order to understand how two worlds are somehow connected. I'm not really sure as to which it is, so I'm asking for your opinions. What is the general agreement on this subject? Can anyone help to confirm or deny the existence of this "chord"?
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Re: General consensus?
Post # 2
The Chord is energy connecting your psychical body and your astral body.

Lets say you get hungry during ap the chord will pull your astral body to your physical body so you won't starve to death.

The chord is so strong 99.9 % of beings in ap can not break

You probably cannot see it because it is a flow of energy

I believe it does exist, but others may think differently. :-)
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Re: General consensus?
Post # 3
Well the thing is, I have some experience with my third eye. And the way to describe that best, is how my friend put it: It's like wearing a good pair of glasses in the astral. I can see energy when it flows. This is why I am having trouble figuring this whole thing out. I haven't much problems going as far and staying places as long as I want.
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Re: General consensus?
Post # 4
It is called a 'chord' because it is not a rope, but a symmetry. A harmony between your body and mind that, as such , cannot be broken by outside influence.
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Re: General consensus?
Post # 5
From my knowledge of it, there is a core called the "Silver Cord" which connects you to your Physical body. Most people do say that they never see the cord, but it is possible for some to see the cord. Some people have said they saw it when the got scared or were frightened, such as a guidance back to their body.

And to answer another question, the cord itself cannot break. Although many people say it can. Astral Projection is a pretty cool thing, but you need to be careful while doing it. Be sure to keep calm and have positive thoughts, and make sure you have some kind of protection from demons around your body. People have said demons see the body as "vacant" and try to "possess" it.

Hope I helped.
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