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helpfull spirits
Post # 1
Hello. i constantly run into allkinds of problems and health problems. Its almost like when one issue ends then other one starts. Im basicly asking if someone can send me helpfull spirits or angels or ghosts or whatever or healing protective or and positive energy. i would be thankfull. If you dont wanna message me in this threat you can send me personal message on here.
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Re: helpfull spirits
Post # 2
if someone who can help sees this post then be so kind and message me or post into that threat . thanks
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Re: helpfull spirits
Post # 3
Coming from a Mexican family, this type of stuff seems like the work of dark magic, but I could be wrong. Just to be safe, I will leave this prayer for you to say to protect you from wrongdoings if magic is involved. I would like to apologize in advance if this prayer contradicts or opposes your choice of faith. If it doesn't, say this every night before you go to sleep: "Lovely Mother, send thy children of light to aid my need. Help me protect my body and soul. Radient Father, help me fight the darkness that has invaded my life. I ask thee to help me vanquish all the evil brought down upon me so I may see thy divine path. May health be fruitful upon my loved ones and I, and may I feel tranquility and safety within myself, by the name of the Goddess, and the power of God, so shall it be." If you recite this every night, the gods will hopefully bring you good health. Feel free to add anything else to this to make it even more powerful. I wish you good health and success
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Re: helpfull spirits
Post # 4
thanks for your help i will try it. i wonder what stuff seems like work of a dark magic, do you mean my problems i was talking asking it since you didnt make it clear and i wanted to be sure by what you ment. if you ment my problems it could be possibility but i dont know for sure but thanks for help
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