questions on jar spell

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questions on jar spell
Post # 1
So I've made honey jar about two weeks ago. I've put sugar, honey, cinnamon powder and dried rose petals. At that time I didn't have a candle, but few days ago I bought red candles and two nights I left candles to burn to the end.
Now I have few questions.

1. My candles are weird and they don't leave wax all around. They just burn down and that's all. I've heard that some people like to read the wax shapes, but since I don't have it and everything is clear should I worry?

2. Today I got the message from a guy I made a jar for and he simply said "Hey. I kinda thought of you and wanted to say hi. Hope you are well". And that's it. I didn't reply. It's weird because we didn't talk for some longer time now and I'm worried that he just sent that because he is polite and feels like he has to be nice because I've helped him before.
Is that a sign that my honey jar started working?

3. I've made a vinegar jar too. I try not to think much about that one and I just let it be. Is that ok? Will it work like that? Also, I've put it behind the table in the corner where I can't see it because just the thought of it makes me feel bad.

4. Is there some spell I can do along with honey jar for better results?

5.I didn't fill my jar to the top (just about 2/3), does that matter?
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Re: questions on jar spell
Post # 2
1. The wax probably evaporated, which I fine. It might have been the way the candle was made. It is perfectly fine.

2. I believe the jar is working for you. Try some divination,
Do you truly believe this honey jar spell is working?

3. If you think that he is dating someone else the only things bad that will happen is
And the spells will effect each other.

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Re: questions on jar spell
Post # 3
4. Don't cast another spell

5. That is fine.

Mail me whenever and merry meet
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Re: questions on jar spell
Post # 4
Some candles won't leave wax behind. That's perfectly okay.

I don't understand. If the person you've made the honey jar for contacted you, why didn't you respond? Isn't that the whole reason you made the jar?

With vinegar jars, you are supposed to shake them. It's to help foster a chaotic environemnt for whoever is inside the jar. Relationship or single person or whatever else. Work it for a few weeks, and then leave it be. But if you feel guilty about it, you shouldn't be working with one at all. That guilt will feed into your work and have an impact on it.

It sounds like you are looking for reasons to worry about your jars. Stop. Let them do their work.
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