The Fae Folk

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The Fae Folk
Post # 1
Out of all the many possibilities and magick in this world, there is only one thing that fascinates me more than anything else: The Fae Folk.

No, I am not the kind of person that wants to "steal" their power, or want a spell to grow wings and fly (I was born a human and I will die one) I simply want to gain knowledge on the topics of the Fae.

1. Can everyone see them?
I see sites that say that only a few special people are born with the "sight" is that referring to your mind's eye...?

2. Any good way to attract the Fae?
I'd like to see one, or even possibly have a conversation with one.

3. Do they only exist on the astral plane?

If any could just answer these questions and give any information of what the Fae like, help with be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Blessed Be~
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Re: The Fae Folk
By: / Novice
Post # 2
While I'm no expert on fae I can help you with those questions.

1. Some people have an easier time seeing certain beings than others. As with spirits or demons, if you strengthen your clairvoyant side you will most likely see them, it might be an orb or a full manifestation, you might only be able to sense or hear them, but if you work on this ability we all have, you have a great chance of seeing faeries. As I said not everyone can see them, but simply because you cannot see them doesn't mean they aren't real, nor that you cannot see spirits for example, you are just better at some things than others.

2. Fae like sweets and sweet smelling things. Planting a fae garden is the best way to attract them. Look for items that bring hummingbirds or butterflies. Also decorate it with wind chimes and little object for them to play with/in. Saffron is also favoured by faes, and if you have a fruit tree, leave some fruit behind as faeries hate greed. Offerings of milk and honey are a good idea too.

3.Faeries are not physical, but I think they exist on the same plane as spirits which is ethral [I think] similar to the astral, but its an unseen layer between the two [kind of like ground, air, sky] .

Hope I could help.
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Re: The Fae Folk
Post # 3
Thank you for the information :D
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Re: The Fae Folk
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
There is a thing called faerie rings and mound that is suppose to be where any activity happens. Your suppose to be able to see them better if you are near one.
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