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Star of David
Post # 1
Hello... My mother bought me a pandantive with the Star of David, one made of silver, for my 15th birthday. She didn't know how it was called or abything like that.Three days ago I forgot it at my neck when I went to bed. I had horrible nightmares and could't sleep. The nightmare was showing some king of demon or spirit, I'm not really sure. Eventually, I thought of a coincidence. I tried sleeping like this the next day too. Aside some wake ups during the night, nothing happened. Lastly, I tried it last night too. It happened like in the first day. But when I woke up, I heard noise in the house. On the balcony of my room and in the kitchen. It sounded like glass breacking and shattering. I don't really know what this means so I thought you'd help me.
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Re: Star of David
Post # 2
Solomon talked about the Star of David (a.k.a. hexagram).He said that although many jews thought it was a holy symbol, in reality it was a really evil one. Specifically, he wrote in the key of Solomon that the shape of the star of david is actually made in the shape of a demon's footprint.
Now, about your problem, I suggest that you get rid of that pendant.Or at least, attempt to purify it.It seems that this pendant may be charged with a negative spirit, or it could also summon energy autonomously(including spirits of any sort) due to its shape, but I am not really sure about that last one.
Try doing some banishing spells too.
Wish you good luck.
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Re: Star of David
Post # 3

I would suggest you cleanse the pendant. If it was a gift and you don't know where it came from, yeah, cleanse it. You cause use a sage smudging stick for cleansing, or you can soak it in salted water, to draw the negative energy out of the object, if there is any.

In the meantime I would also recommend that you protect your room with what you can. Usually when I protect my room I use sage incense and make a barrier around my doors and windows with smoke, and pay a prayer or two to my deities.

Blessings, and good luck.

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