I can see the future.

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I can see the future.
Post # 1
Greetings, I am new to this website and fairly new to magick, but I know what I need to know for now. Recently as in the past couple of months I have been seeing flashes of the future and also peoples past. I don't know exactly how this happened but I have a guess or two.

A very spiritual friend of mine "broke" my soul a few months ago maybe 6 to 8 months ago. It didn't do much at the time or so I thought. I was able to cross over more efficiently and help my spiritual friends out with what they needed but not nothing major.

About two months ago my grandpa passed away, he was my best friend and he lived in the next room over from mine. We were so close. I am still having a very hard time without him. But anyways about a week after he passed on I started to see things before they would happen. Really odd things have been happening also, I hear things that everyone else in the room have no clue about and I think I'm going insane. I think something some sort of creature is after me and I am very vulnerable right now.

If anyone has any answers or can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
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Re: I can see the future.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I can see the future.
Post # 3
What you said was very vague but I'll help you in what ways I can. It'll help if you say how you know that a creature is after you, what does your friend mean by break your soul, etc...

You can't really "break" someone's soul but I'm sure that's just a term your friend uses to mean awaken. Usually when someone starts experiencing spiritual phenomenon so suddenly it takes time to get used to and its a lot to handel. Just being more aware of things that you never noticed before both physical and spiritual can be a tough and uncomfortable at first just because its new to you and your not used to it.

I suggest you practice plenty of meditation and shielding to get through this.
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Re: I can see the future.
Post # 4
Paranoia is a game for one, but thats just my opinion
p.s. Seeing the future is no big deal and what do you mean by broke your sole that paragraph confuses me, mind elaborating
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