Candle lessons

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Candle lessons
Post # 1
Hello everyone I have a subject I need more information on I have read spells that involve the use of candles know I want to know more about why they are used. Ok 1# why do some spells need candles do they provide a boost of some kind. 2# I have also saw that you have to have specific colors to them ok yea I know if your where casting a spell involving fire a candle seems like it will help but why do I need like red,white,or black candles.3# and final so I have some white candle and little red candles with me but I ask in order cast a spell involving candle do you need a specific candles like the ones I have are the big cylinder ones do I need those long skinny ones? Any help or advice is really helpful thanks for any help anyone can give me
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Re: Candle lessons
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Candle lessons
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Candles are a tool as is everything else in the spell, even yourself. It is felt by many people that having tools in a spell does increase the spells productability, and effeciency. The colors on a candle represent certain emotional states or physical objects to the caster, the colors meaning of which can be researched or discovered by yourself (or both). The color is determined by the intent or the desired outcome of the spell, not by the tools involved.

You do not need a specific type of candle to cast a spell. However, it is suggested that you use less synthetic candles, which I will leave up to your interpretation.

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