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Post # 1

Yesterday morning, I had a nice first encounter with Angrboda. I could feel her presence. I forgot what we talked about though. What are some things Angrboda enjoys? What does she like on her altar?

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Re: Angrboda
Post # 2
Angrbo?a is one of the stranger Norse Goddess and to be honest their is not much know about her (what is know is fragmented and inconsistent). Most scholars suggest that the best way to please Angrbo?a would be donate to charities dedicated to wolves. As for her shrine, I would suggest from your studies of Angrbo?a that you come to your on conclusion as to what to put on it. I find it odd you can't remember your conversation also. Did she physically manifest? Could you just feel her presence? Was it on the Astral Plane?
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Re: Angrboda
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Angrboda is sometimes difficult to please.

She's not so much interested in physical offerings or things on the altar as much as she is interested in physical labor and work. Acts of strength, endurance and conditioning are good offerings for her. You kind of have to prove your worth with her, as she is a Jotun from the Ironwoods and they tend to be a little more rough around the edges.

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Re: Angrboda
Post # 4
I've found her to be quite...prickly. She's tough, she knows it and has no time or room for gentleness. She's caring in her tough-love way, though.
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Re: Angrboda
By: / Novice
Post # 5
My only experience with Her was strong.. I recently had a baby and the entire pregnancy was a nightmare I prayed to Her and Loki probably daily, and when the time came for the baby to get here everything was a mess and I was rushed into an emergency cesarean I didn't know how I was going to do it and I asked for the strength to walk thru it with peace and courage.... I felt them, I felt Her, and I felt better, safer and strong... I was walking within 4 hrs of the cesarean to see my boy in the baby special unit ( n.i.c.u.), and I know I had help from Her, them both but Her especially. .
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