can someone interpret thi

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can someone interpret thi
Post # 1
Hi, I've just cast a spell for someone I know to come back into my life and just after I said the words and was about to start meditating a voice came into my head and what was being said sounded exactly like what the person I casted it on would say... I stated my intent on the spell and all I got was when I'm ready which is again something the person I cast it on would say? What does anyone reckon? Is there something in this? Or is it my imagination playing tricks? Thanks.
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Re: can someone interpret thi
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

May or may not be imagination, who's to say.

You are going to have to decide whether you think it is a sign or just rubbish.

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Re: can someone interpret thi
Post # 3
Generally, if someone is meant to be in your life they are, without any effort on your part. If, however, it's a matter of wanting them there, and say maybe they aren't good for you or are keeping you from going along another path that would be better for you personally, you may find have to impose your will to keep them there or surrender it entirely for them to stay.

I would suggest a good litmus test here would be: Where does this relationship fall on the 'Drama Scale'? If it's high (lots of drama/lots of work) then that's probably not a good indication for longevity, but if it's low (no/little drama/work) it may be that you will eventually have this person in you life when either THEY or YOU are at a place that you can meet as equals and grow TOGETHER from there.

Everything does not happen in 'our' time-frame, sometimes situations, like fruit, have to ripen before they can be enjoyed. But, do remember, IF this is not positive for you, the road-blocks you keep encountering may be trying to tell you something: listen or you may end up suffering for it. You have to decide which is the case.
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