Talking and Feeling spirits

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Talking and Feeling spirits
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
I am Sidhant Joshi.It has been now 5 years for me in practising witchcraft. From the beginning i felt myself connected to this magical world. I have casted many spells and they actually did worked.I practise pyrokinesis, telekinesis etc. but never been able to summon or invoke any spirits.
Though i haven't tried to do so seriously but once i tried to summon bloody mary and once tried out for succubus but none worked out.
I truly believe in magic but being unable to contact any spirit has unwillingly created a doubt against magic in my mind and heart.
Friends magic is my life please help me out.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well Bloody Mary is a slumber game party, while you could possibly contact the historical figure, I highly doubt repeating her name would do it. Succubi are demons, not spirits, they are harder to call upon and can be more dangerous. While demons aren't pure evil, they can be manipulative so you need to be prepared. Spirits can too be manipulative but most of the time they just want to talk.

Spirits are everywhere, as with deities, sometimes there's nothing to say, so the spirit will remain silent. If you try and do not get any response, it could be a number of things, maybe you're calling on someone who has crossed over, or your clairvoyant side is weak and you need to strengthen it. Some people might be unable to hear spirits, but they can sense them. As a child I could see, hear, and sense spirits, today it takes some concentration. Study, don't keep calling on what you do not know as you could get in trouble.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Sidant, once again you are posting fluff! Kinesis!
And you are most certainly not practising witchcraft. You might be practising Wicca. Not quite the same thing.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Um...yeah, I'm yet to see anything that says you have been practicing for 5 years. At least not doing so seriously. No form of kinesis has ever been proven to work...not even to us witches. As for magick, you should know that summoning things wouldn't be like in a movie. Bloody Mary isn't a real spirit to invoke or summon. And a succubus, even if you did summon one, you wouldn't know it. Spirits are kind of invisible. Plus that type of magick is very advanced and has more fails than successes if you don't have a clue as to what you are doing. I suggest you go relearn your basics before deciding magick isn't real.

And Brysing, that isn't any form of Wicca I've heard of. Most Wiccans don't spend time with this type of stuff.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
Post # 5
Are any of you there to guide me in this from the beginning.
I feel ashamed of wasting 5 years.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
Post # 6
In the past couple of weeks I have seen many posts which tell you were to start, what books to read, where you can study. I would check those posts seems like those who need to read them never do.

I honestly do not know how you could have gone five years believing kinesis is possible, it isn't even an age thing I have been practicing different forms of magick and mysticism since I have been 11 or 12 and I have never believed that. I looked into the supernatural, but never lost my common sense.

People also want a teacher, again as Lark and other members have pointed out, without written parental permission it is technically illegal to teach anyone under the age of 18 in the US and the UK and other places. Any decent teacher would not take you on until you were at least 18.

You can walk most of the journey yourself using some dedication to study and practice and getting your hands on as much information as possible, whilst retaining your common sense.

I studied and practiced for a good 7 years before finding a teacher, which I did so last year shortly after my 18th birthday. By then I was extremely familiar with the basics of many paths, including the particulars of ritual magick.

I did all of that largely on my own, reading all that I could and keeping my head clear. It was hard work and I believe it is only by working hard that you will get anywhere. I had school, I had exams and I also had a social life. But I always made time for a daily practice and reading the classics of the field I was studying.

It depends what you want to learn about a few good books would be;

-Raja Yoga, Swami Viveknanda.
-Eight Lectures on Yoga, Aleister Crowley.
-Modern Magick, Donald Michael Kraig (I cannot stress this book enough, it is brilliant and his reading list is equally brilliant.)
-Liber ABA, ALeister Crowley.
-Spells and how they work- The Farrars.
-The witches bible- The Farrars.

All of the books above are aimed at total beginners, the first two are on yoga, specifically raja yoga.

The next two are on high magick, I would recommend starting with Donald Kraig in that respect, he goes into much more explanation and is easier to understand than Crowley.

The final two are books on spell-casting, witchcraft and its connection to Wicca from an Alexandrian perspective if my mind serves me correctly (It has been years since reading the last two)

Most of these books can be found for free online if you now where to look i.e. use google with the search term pdf next to it. If not they are for the most part not extremely expensive.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
Post # 7
Thank you so much Hadit for guidance. By the way i have read some other books upon Rajayoga as I am from India and it has emerged from here only.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
Iris, I meant the part of the post about spells. Spells are more like Wicca than witchcraft.I don't think this young man is practising either Wicca or witchcraft. Seems rather fluffy to me.
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Re: Talking and Feeling spirits
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

Actually Brysing, most Wiccans that I know of do not do spells or do them very, very seldom. It's certainly not a core part of Wiccan beliefs or practices.

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