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Quick question!
Post # 1
If things are not meant to be, then why do we miss. why dont v move on.
why is it so hard to get over what is not meant to be. been a year since my breakup. got many sincere offers. but my heart does not find peace. got my closure, decided to move on, got out of touch, been a long time now. still it aches n pains and his thoughts are pushed into my brain when i go to sleep EVERY night. the days when i am extremely busy in or the days whn i start to hate how he was with me, i see him in my dreams and my heart melts again.
i just donrt understand why!
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Re: Quick question!
Post # 2

When you love someone it is hard to just "let go". They will always be a part of you, even more so the longer they were in your life. The best thing you can do is self work. Meditate, look at yourself inside, and see what it is that makes you feel this way. Is there an aspect of them you miss, that you lack within yourself? Were there things left unsaid? Do you wish you acted differently? It is good to take this focus to a place that is healthier, that will allow for growth within you. Just remember that the past is the past. You cant change it, only accept it and learn from it, or continue to let it haunt you ;)


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Re: Quick question!
Post # 3
i have been moving on otherwise. achieving my goals in professional life.
but my heart just feels stuck!
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Re: Quick question!
Post # 4
That's the ego speaking. You identify him as yours. When we speak of the ego we speak of for ourselves and only ourselves.

Your not thinking about him, your thinking of you. You are thinking of me, myself, and I.

I need HIM to make ME happy.
I need HIM to make MY feelings go away.
I need HIM to make ME feel complete.

When we truly love the other. We forget about our own feelings and our own self for the needs and desires of the other person. If you truly love him, you would have let him go, since letting go is probably what HE WANTED.
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Re: Quick question!
Post # 5
interesting... im no neural biologist or a behaviorologist (did i just make up a word, or...) but my understanding is their are a certain number of personality types, so my advice is to find someone with the same personality type. hey, you never know. (ok now im advertsing for theNY lottery... no im not high what are you talkin about???)
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