What can I do?

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What can I do?
Post # 1
Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to this site and Magick in general. My family and I recently moved to a new neighborhood and thought things were going fine. Last week, my fianc? was confronted by one of our neighbors accusing us of stealing from his house while he was at work. My family and I are honest, hardworking people and would never steal from anyone. Now, we have other neighbors coming to us and informing us that he is saying that we are criminals. I know about binding and banishing spells but don't know which one (if any) would be suitable for this situation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Blessed be.
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Re: What can I do?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

How about no spell? There is nothing to fear, so stop being afraid. None of you have done anything wrong, let your neighbors be crabby!

Their judgements do not concern you, even if they are about you (which really shows a lot about them).

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Re: What can I do?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Banishing and binding spells are last resorts in the magickal world. They aren't recommended unless completely needed. In your case, you still have wiggle room. No one is being harmed...well, pride might be but that isn't serious enough. Everyone has to learn to deal with annoying neighbors and idiots. Its part of life. Running away to a spell for fixing it will not make you a stronger person. It just shows they have more power of you then you should be allowing. Instead, ignore that person and maybe read a self-help book that teaches you how to deal with difficult people and keeping your self-esteem high while doing so?
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