terroer spell help plz

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> terroer spell help plz

terroer spell help plz
Post # 1
I alredy asked, but got no answers. I need a spell to evoke irrational fear, in order to confuse and muddle the enemy in terror until I can run for my life or seek help.
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Re: terroer spell help plz
Post # 2
Well for starters you may want to research in empathy and revers empathy. But even if you get successful in your research and practice you won`t really be able to use it fully unless you have experienced really fear/terror borderline panic.
Sorry I cannot give any more help but I have actively started to work on it few days ago myself.
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Re: terroer spell help plz
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
As great as a spell like this would be for self defense measures, magick doesn't work like this. There are limits to what magick can do and this goes beyond the possible.

However, if you are worried about being attacked, see if you can take some local self defense classes. If you can't afford classes for things like martial arts or other forms of defense, look into what your local recreation center and college offer. I know some colleges host workshops on self defense by the campus police that are free to the public. I've been to one as I'm handicap and that can make me an easy target.

Other than that, find a local SCA group that can teach you fighting methods. They are a group that take up traditional sword and weapon fighting along with other renaissance tasks. My local group taught me self defense with my cane that I walk with. A near by stick would work just as well with the methods I learned from them. Many of them as have trained in other arts outside what the SCA uses in fights.

There is also always the internet. Youtube has videos on basic self defense you could watch. Make sure they aren't just from kids fooling around though as those vids won't teach you anything useful. I've found lots of great videos that teach you how to stun your attacker enough to get away and get help.

I hope I've been helpful even though I know you were looking for a magickal solution.
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Re: terroer spell help plz
Post # 4
Actually IrisMoon there is a lets use expression "spell" that does what he wants but there is nothing magical about it. It`s just a form of combat meditation that uses psychology and our natural instincts to make you look more intimidating then you really are, and I more or less mentioned it in my first post on this discussion just not in detail(experiencing of those emotions I mentioned must come from another human, so you could to a point mimic there posture, breathing, movements and eventually develop your own). Research in empathy and its counter part(has nothing magical in it, he basically needs to study them as a part of human psychology) is to help develop previously mentioned.
But yeah I agree that for self defense it would be best for him to simply study a martial art or seven(in my case, although only 2 are serious, others are to feel in the holes).
I got my scare from my Ninjutsu sensei, I swear it felt like his going to rip me to shreds(like I was standing in front of a predator of some sort or an angry alpha depending how you want to describe it both are accurate), lucky me it was only for a demo.
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