Jar spells

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Jar spells
Post # 1
I have a question, I started a honey jar for my husband a few weeks ago and it seems to be working well he has been a bit more receptive to me where before i started it he was fighting with me constantly and trying to end all sort of communication. at the time i found out he was seeing someone else and therefore he wanted nothing with me. I continue to work the honey jar and he started to come back but recently i found out that the other woman is still somewhat in the picture and while he spends most of his time with me they still somewhat see each other. As a result i started a vinegar jar to sour their relationship but now im concerned and confused. do i work both jars? i have read to do the vinegar jar on tuesdays and saturdays and honey jars on monday wednesday friday. but i thought the first week i was suppose to do the vinegar jar for 7 days im on my 4th day today but i did start it on a friday after working my honey jar will this affect my honey jar on days they overlap? do i need to write anything on the black candle? i am annointing the candle with hate oil will this work? Anyone with knowledge please help im so confused too many contradictions in the internet world...

Thank you,
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Re: Jar spells
Post # 2
You can do both at the same time! Don't worry about them overlapping -- they're for different purposes, right? One is to break them apart and sour that extraneous relationship, the other is to sweeten your husband to you, correct? Continue to do them both as you have been.

As for specific days, MWF is great for sweetening. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays are great for curse work -- but you don't have to go by the days like that. What you're doing is hoodoo, and people generally hoodoo when they need to ;). Some people work it according to days, moon phases, or whatever. That's up to the individual.

If you want to write something on the black candle, do it. A good idea might be "GIRL'S NAME / HUSBAND'S NAME" and then "are breaking up". Hate oil is fine, you could use herbs to go with it, black pepper, cubeb berry, sulphur, etc.
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Re: Jar spells
Post # 3
Awesome! Thank you so much for the advise. I will do that!
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