Maybe someone can help

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Maybe someone can help
Post # 1
Ok, I have a quick question. Ok this happened when I was a child.
And all these years I have wondered what it could have been. So when I was between 9-12 maybe. I was in my house and had this sudden urge to lay down on my couch. It was just me and my sister Liz home at the time. So I did, but I suddenly had the most excursing pain ever. I remember I keep saying and pleading for it to stop. I even wanted to die not to feel it anymore. I couldn't get up but I could move. I remember thrusting my legs trying to fight the pain. But it just going. At first it felt like something or someone was trying to take a part of me or put something in me. Can't really explain it. I can't tell you how much time had passed, but to me it was an eternity, but it was like no one could hear me crying out or see me. It was crazy. Then my adoptive mother came home and yelled to help with the groceries. The pain immediately stop and I was able to move and it was like nothing had happened. I was fine.
But like I said, it was when I was a child. But it has always bothered me. Just wondering if anyone would have any idea what might have happened.
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Re: Maybe someone can help
Post # 2
Oh just so you know, as clich? as this may sound, it was after that that I wanted to know more about witchcraft and the mystical world. Like I said clich?. But true.
Also, the house I grow up in with a very abusive family (in every way possible). I was adopted at the age of 7. Lived there since I was 4. But the house we lived in was an old farm barn turned to a house. It had rumors that the old farmer that lived there had kidnapped children and killed them in the barn and after the barn was turned into a house a maid had hung herself the dining room. So I just passed it off as ghost messing with me. But the problem with that is, they bothered or hurt me ever. They would talk to me and most of the time protect me and sister from our abusive adopted family.
Don't know if that helps any in trying to figure out what happened.
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