Could this spell work?

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Could this spell work?
Post # 1
If so, how can I make this manifest?
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Re: Could this spell work?
Post # 2
No, this spell will not work.
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Re: Could this spell work?
Post # 3
Pls go to hospital and ask your doctor which spell needs for health ,diet.. Then come back I will suggest you that,that will only work.
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Re: Could this spell work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Nope, not a legit spell. When looking at spells, you really need to use your common sense. If it doesn't sound right or seem possible, it most likely isn't.

And since you had a hard time figuring this out, you need to go look at the basics to casting spells before trying any. Spell work takes training and skill. One can't just get online and attempt spells expecting successful results. You need to learn about all the parts of magickal workings including why and how magick works, how and why to use tools, understand color properties and the elements, how and why to cast a circle.....and so much more. A lot goes into being a trained spell castor or witch. I highly recommend you begin working on this first. Then you won't need spells from the net. You will be able to write your own and if you want one from online, you'll be able to spot a fake right off the bat.
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Re: Could this spell work?
Post # 5
This spell does not work. Just diet and exercise! Go to your nearest gym and work out, I suggest doing kick boxing classes at the gym and or the punching bag... The punching bag works on everything, endurance, speed, cardio and strangth... One day do train with speed the next hit the punching bag really hard, the next day do both and do this for weeks and weeks, remember you must eat healthy and healthy does not mean not eating at all or less, it means you stay away from greasy foods, stick with low fat yogurt preferably the good digestion kind, milk, lean meat and fruits or veggies... I suggest milk or protein shakes for muscles and bones but remember either 2% or less milk fat I highly suggest fat free or 1 %, and yogurt for proteins and since it's low in fat, lean meat for protein because it's low in fat and fruits and veggies for vitamins... Remember to eat a balanced diet... And if you are lactose intolerant then you should only eat low fat yogurt... And all these things taste good, fruit tastes like the gods candy, perhaps that's why the greek gods ate so many grapes...
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