Mother Nature

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Mother Nature
Post # 1
Im not sure if i am posting this right because it is my first time posting. My personal deity is Mother Nature and lately I've read alot about invoking your deity and I can't really figure out what kind of ritual to use? Also if I ever did successfully invoke Mother Nature would you be able to see her or just feel a presence? P.S. I am very new to magic so I don't know very much yet. Please send some answers :)
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Re: Mother Nature
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
First off invoking a deity is normally done in every formal ritual. Its part of the casting the circle after calling the elements. One invokes the presence of deity, not summons it literally. When you pray to your deity, you are in a sense invoking it to come and listen to your it isn't anything major really. You will never actually see your deity except in signs given to you, or while in meditation and dreams states. The most you will get is a sensation that she is with you.

And Mother Nature is a very general concept. Have you considered looking into Goddesses from different mythologies to see if one fits your idea of Mother Nature? To many the names are all different, but the deity behind them is the same. So in this manner, all Goddesses that embody the Earth and nature would all really be the same goddess who has just been given different names and faces over time. Many find it easier though to connect to their personal deities if they have a specific name to call on. But not everyone of course. Always do what you feel is best on this matter. Its just an idea. :)

One last thing though, I don't recommend you start doing rituals any time soon. You need to take the time to study and learn more about magick before trying anything. There is a lot one needs to understand before doing any magickal undertakings. Like altar setups, tools, color properties, how to cast a circle, understanding the elements, why magick works to begin with and how....etc. There is a lot to learn to do a successful ritual or spell. Try your local library for books on witchcraft, paganism and wicca. Many of them have books available on these topics. Online isn't always the greatest source because of all the misinformation out there on witchcraft. But and are some good ones. The second one is actually an online lesson site that hosts from free lessons you might enjoy.

Good luck on your magickal journey!
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Re: Mother Nature
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Although religions, such as Wicca, do have aspects of witchcraft. They are not, truly, altogether witchcraft.There is nothing supernatural about witchcraft; it is as natural as breathing!
Mother Nature is just a title for the way this planet works, and the magic that is in it. Nature is constantly changing by itself, but a great deal of it is changed by humans. It was once done by witches.Now it is done by "chemical researchers" and "medical researchers". But it is the same magic that it always was.Seeking new ways to heal the human, and other animal's, illnesses
There is no vegetable, that we now eat, in its original state.They have all been changed, by humans!
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Re: Mother Nature
Post # 4
Thank you for the answers and I will look into some of the other God's and goddesses and I'm going to go to the library and those websites like you suggested so I can learn more. :) P.S. don't worry I wasn't planning on doing a ritual or invoking Mother Nature any time soon because I don't know enough yet. I was just trying to Get some information on it to sort of Get a picture of what it would be like for when I Do try a ritual.
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Re: Mother Nature
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

So far as "mother earth" as a deity goes, there are many who fall under this title. Mati Syra Zemlya, Herta, Terra, Gaia (although she is actually a Titaness); there are many deities associated with the "Mother Earth" archetype.

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Re: Mother Nature
Post # 6
Why assume Nature is a 'Mother'? I worship Horned God Cernunnos. I say HE is "Father Nature".
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