Goddess connection.

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Goddess connection.
Post # 1
I hope this is the right thread. So I am relatively new to casting magic and have had a little luck! I still could use a whole! But I am sure it will come fingers crossed.

Anyway a bit about me I am intuitive an Empath, Clairsentience and working on other spiritual abilities. I am drawn to fire and candle magic. I am also a Pisces and feel connected to my astrological sign even though I was almost 2 and a half months early. I am very drawn to water and dragonflies, dolphins, koi fish etc.

I am also drawn to the moon. Favorite piece of jewelry is a silver ring and moonstone. It is always on me unless am I charging it according to the moon phases. Being drawn to the moon also has me awake at night. When I was a child I often laid awake when the world slept.When most people are powering down and getting into bed I am waking up and ready to go! My second wind hits between 11 and 12 give or take on the time frame. I am ready for sleep after 3am.

Ok so this leads me to my question on goddess. I have been working a bit with Aphrodite, Venus and recently my daughter and I have worked with Skadi. She is also learning and we did our first spell the other night together. We are drawn to the Norse Gods and Goddesses such as Freya etc as a family. But I feel drawn to Greek as well as others. Could be my past lives coming into play. I am also drawn to Hecate and Hera.

Anyway this is what has happened in the last week I have been woken by the moons light it literally snuck into the only spot in my room and reflected back to me in my bed. I am dreaming of water and have had a dark image of a goddess with flowing clothes/dress with wild flowing hair and or headdress while I was working with candles when I close my eyes and try and meditate. I feel a goddess might be coming forward to me but I can?t put my finger on which she is. If anyone has suggestions I would welcome them as I feel she is trying to come to me.

I have thought of Isis, Ran and a few others.

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Re: Goddess connection.
Post # 2

I would suggest meditating on it. Asking each suspected Goddess if it was Her who was shown to you, if so, request some sort of sign.

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Re: Goddess connection.
Post # 3
I have done as you said and am still working on it! I have searched for more info on many goddesses and am still at a loss. However my daughter and I are working with Skadi and we felt her presence yesterday. We are both a bit tired today and felt a lot of energy! We have some sore muscles like we had a great exercise without leaving the circle lol. If only the tired muscles we have actually meant we had a work out! I do feel I saw her or maybe our guides and spirits! It was more like an aura not a shape.

I contribute some of the strong energy and exhausted feelings to also teaching my daughter how to be more grounded and trying to keep her in my own protective bubble as she is also learning and is a teenager just learning the craft.

Still searching for answers :)
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Re: Goddess connection.
Post # 4

Keep that positive attitude and I'm sure something will come up :)

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Re: Goddess connection.
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Have you thought of taking a look into Nebthet or Nephthys?

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Re: Goddess connection.
Post # 6
thanks EyesofZeus and Sataset :) I will look more in depth into your suggestion. We are feeling some more energy etc when we work together so I hope soon something happens for me! My daughter is having a bit better luck :)
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