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Love Spell Question
Post # 1
Hi all,

I am new to all of this. This past weekend I did a love candle (for me) and would like to get your feedback on what I experienced. I carved the person?s name into the candle and also burnt a piece of paper with their name/picture/personalized note to me in the candle (found both of these on the net).

The candle had a very high/strong flame that was almost 2 inches high at times (4-5 times bigger than another candle of equal size that I was burring at the same time). At one point the entire top of the candle was on fire (store bought) which did not happen with the other one. The love spell candle also burnt completely out leaving almost no remaining wick (free standing)?.and burnt down quicker than the other one. At the end of the burning there was a heart shape in the wax that ran down the side and also a heart shape puddle of wax at the bottom. At one point the candle had two flames going that danced with each other (going in and out of one another) but they merged/stayed together for the last 1-2 inches if the candle.

From what I have learned these are all very positive signs that the desire will be fulfilled. Is that correct? Any idea as to what I should/can expect next? Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks!
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Re: Love Spell Question
Post # 2
Wow. That's quite an experience. Yes, I'm pretty sure that the spell worked. I'm not sure, though, because I don't do love spells.
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Re: Love Spell Question
Post # 3
I've seen this before and typically yes, those are good signs but It's rare to see all of them in one ritual at that magnitude.
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Re: Love Spell Question
Post # 4
Thanks to you both. Any advise as to next steps?
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Re: Love Spell Question
Post # 5
The thing about love spells is that you can attract any one you want, but if it wasn't meant to be, it won't last.
You can change a person's mind (either short or long term) but you can't change who that person really is.
It's like when a person hypnotizes another. They may ask the hypnotized to kill someone, but they will not do it because it's not in that persons nature to do so.

Love spells act upon lust. It gives the subject of your spell a pair of rose colored glasses, at some point that person will find out that the world isn't really rose colored.

If you were to do a love spell (or any kind of life changing spell for that matter) you should look at it realistically. It's better for a love spell to work permanently if you're listing qualities about person rather than the name of a person.

From what you posted I guess the net thing to happen is sit and wait for your subject to make a move or become more accessible for you to make a move. Congratulations!
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