Discussing Magick

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Discussing Magick
Post # 1
Okay, so... I almost was able to talk to him about it yesterday, but... Any suggestions or advice or help or anything for me to start a conversation about magick? I'm Wiccan and normally don't (well generally can't) do magick, but I really care about my boyfriend and he's been there for me and supported me so much in such a short time, so I want to do a protection spell for him. But I want to talk to him about it a little bit first so I know his thoughts. At the very least, if I can't get myself to ask permission, I want to know his thoughts about magick overall. My boyfriend is agnostic and knows and respects that I'm Wiccan. I almost talked to him about it yesterday and he now knows I have something I need to talk about him, but I couldn't get the words to come out after several attempts at "what so you think about....?" I don't know why I'm so nervous about it, maybe because of how I feel and because I don't know if he believes in that sort of thing..? Or maybe it's just that I'd be nervous asking anyone about that kind of thing. I was a little nervous telling my best friend (who's Wiccan) about a protection prayer I wrote for her myself, but that was different. So... Does anyone know anything that I could start with? I'm also kinda afraid I may just get so nervous I burst out with "I love you and I wanna do a protection spell for you". So... Help, please? Thank you, anything will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Discussing Magick
Post # 2
This post is super old but I just saw it again today. I just wanted to let anyone know who saw it that I was able to talk to my boyfriend shortly after this post. And I think I've posted similar posts before but those times I got responses and they kind of helped. Anyways, blessed be and may The Lord and Lady light your path~
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Re: Discussing Magick
Post # 3
Sounds good, glad to hear it. I find I don't require permission for spells, especially if they fall in the protection category. To me, a spell is nothing more than a well directed prayer that works based on the direction of the energy.
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Re: Discussing Magick
Post # 4
Okay that sounds good. It's just that the protection charm I did for him requires him to have a little pendant on his person. But thanks for sharing a little of your experience.
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