hey thoughts on this spel

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hey thoughts on this spel
Post # 1
Hi theres a spell on here called easy and quick love spell. What are your thoughts? Its a binding spell (no i dont want a debate on the ethics of binding)i would just like ppls thoughts. Like would it be effective or a just for fun type spell?? Thanks.
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Re: hey thoughts on this spel
Post # 2
No and hell no.
One, there is no guarantee it will work.
Two, even if it does work there are a thousand and one thing that can go wrong.
But ultimately its your call.
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Re: hey thoughts on this spel
Post # 3
Hey there psychicstar,

My personal advice on this one would be to steer clear. Would it be effective? In a way, it could- it depends on your willpower, your purity state at the time of casting, and what your goal is. If your goal is what is stated within the spell, you may get results that are different than what you hope. Its a well planned ritual, but its not foolproof. In fact, I think its fool trapping.
Would it be just for fun? That one, I will say no. It probably won't be very fun. If you do it correctly, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at first, in that you're feeling the energy, you're feeling the bind... and then it won't be so fun anymore. Thats the thing with some of these rituals. You don't really know what the intentions of whoever wrote it was, and if they're really going to have your best interests and goals in mind. Did they even know what they were really doing?
If this is a goal of yours, I'd ask you, "what do you think a spell for this would involve?" What would you do? You'll be surprised to find that most all the answers to the spells you want to conduct are already inside you, just waiting to be found. If you have an idea, try writing it out on this thread, I'm sure you'll pop up with something awesome.
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Re: hey thoughts on this spel
Post # 4
Thanks. Im not sure actually about casting my own spells yet..... ive tried working spells before but am thinking i may have to work on my energys more before casting again.which is why im wondering would anyone be able to recomend a spell caster on web? I dont know anyone personaly whom is a witch or is a practioner of the craft.....
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